2022 Q1
Alpha & Beta version launch
  • Validate core functions
  • Validate user behavior and experience
  • Marketing event to increase awareness & engagement
  • Establish collaborations with communities & guilds
CEX & DEX listing
  • Token Generation Event
  • Kucoin, Bybit, Mexc, Hotbit listing
  • Pancake listing & liquidity providing
2022 Q2
Official version 1.0 launch
  • Soft Launch of core functions
  • General Launch of core functions
  • In-game operation kick start
  • Expand collaborations with guilds
  • More marketing events to stimulate traffic in-game
  • More marketing collaborations to more visual content
  • Multi-client end launch
  • Mining events
In Progress
SOUNI Dao V1 launch
Snapshot voting function for community involvement
In Progress
Equipment Mystery Box Release
Initial equipment NFT release
In Progress
2022 Q3
SOUNI Forum launch
Sounivers' interaction zone
Official version 2.0 launch
  • New charactor & classes
  • In game fiat access binded with SRC
  • Authorization function for scholarship purposes
  • Referral system launch
  • Equipment refining system launch
2022 Q4
Official version 3.0 launch
  • World boss mechanism Launch
  • Manual battle system Launch
  • Imbeded guild system
  • PVP Arena Launch
  • Auction V2 - optimized experience & ask orders
Community co-operation plan v1
In game player consumption sharing with co-operation guilds & communities
2023 Q1
Official version 4.0 launch
  • New charactor & classes
  • Expedition dungeons
  • Pet system launch
  • Costume system launch
  • Melting system launch
Community co-operation plan v2
Co-operation right bidding
2023 Q2
SOUNI Reserve Launch
SRC algorithem based reserve launch
Official version 5.0 launch
  • Open world(metaverse) business system v1
  • Pet evolution system
  • Guild PVP system
Community co-establishing new game mechanisms
Community co-operation plan v3
To be revealed
2023 Q3
Official version 6.0 launch
  • Open world(metaverse) business system v2
  • Equipment diversity & tailorization
  • Multi-map teleport
2023 Q4 and further
More to be revealed
More to be revealed