💫Earn from Auction Trade

Souni’s goal is to build the best decentralized NFT trading and auction market on Binance Smart Chain.

Recruit the most well-known hero, equipment, item, and pet by being the no.1 bidder!

Auction Trade is a feature where users are allowed to submit an NFT to bid and sell it to the highest bidder. Through the auction, NFTs will increase in value significantly, seller will receive a commensurate profit, and buyer will receive a highly collectible NFT of great interest.


✅ For sellers: Usually NFTs offered for auction will have collectible value such as scarcity, exclusivity, etc. However, other common NFTs can be auctioned as long as you want. The handling fee of 5% of the corresponding currency will be charged for transaction.

✅ For Buyers: Most NFT Marketplaces will not limit or set standards for buyers, everyone can participate in the auction as long as you have enough money to pay for that NFT.

Participate in Auction on Souni

If You Are A Buyer

Step 1: Log in Souni and click “Auction” in the lower right corner to enter Souni Auction

Step 2: Choose “Buy” section, select the NFT you want to buy and click to enter the auction details page

Step 3: Adjust NFT quantity and click “Buy SON”

Step 4: You can see bid history and auction commission history in “History”.

If You Are A Seller

Step 1: Select "Release", then click on the NFT or item you want to sell (can be a character, equipment, puzzle piece, exp book, ...)

Then, the system will display a popup with information about the item you want to sell, and allow you to enter the quantity and price. Currently, you will have 2 options for selling items:

A/ No password: (Anyone can buy your items - no password needed)

Step 2-A: Enter the quantity and the value of each item you want to sell. Then, press the “Create auction” button.

Step 3-A: Confirm the service charge by hitting “Confirm”.

Step 4-A: Now, your NFT is available on Souni Auction for auction. You can check the auction NFT in the right corner.

B/ Have a password: (Only those who know the password information can buy your item).

Step 2-B: Click on “trade with passphrase”.

Step 3-B is similar to Step 3-A.

Step 4-B: Now, your NFT is available on Souni Auction for auction. You can check the auction NFT in the right corner. Share your password with others to instantly purchase your products

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