๐Ÿช™Mirrored $SON Distribution

1. The total mirroring volume of $SON on Kroma is 350 million (official 300 million + players 50 million).

2. The total mirroring volume for players is 50 million $SON, with an initial unlock of 20% (10 million). Subsequent unlocks are based on the sale of booster packs (unlocking 10% for every 300 booster packs sold). The total mirroring amount for players is expected to be fully unlocked after four months. If conditions for full unlocking are not met by the deadline, the remaining unlocked portion will be refunded to BSC.

3. The total official mirroring volume for $SON is 300 million, with LP tokens accounting for 10% (30 million). During the initial stage, 50% (15 million) is unlocked; Souni-Dust of Fate mining pool accounts for 46% (unlocked 0% initially); 20% reserved (unlocked 0% initially); marketing accounts for 11% (3.3 million), with 20% unlocked initially (660,000); and the team holds 13% (unlocked 0% initially).

4. In the initial stage, player unlocking accounts for 31.7% of the total circulating supply of $SON on Kroma, LP tokens account for 47.4%, and marketing accounts for 20.86%.

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