๐Ÿช™$SON Token

SON is the governance token and is mainly used to express political views and influence the development of the Souni game.

Smart contract address: 0x3b0E967cE7712EC68131A809dB4f78ce9490e779


  • Name: SOUNI

  • Ticker: SON

  • Type: Governance token

  • Blockchain Network: BSC

  • Decimals: 18

  • Token Supply: SON

  • Project Valuation: 14.500.000 USD

  • Initial Token Circulation: 230.000.000 SON

  • Initial Market Cap: 333.500 USD


Consume in-game:

SON holders can exchange from SON to in-game currency, trade them on the marketplace, stake to claim rewards and participate in key governance votes.

  • Stake for Stamina recovery

  • Promote Character's skill

  • Promote Character's star

  • Enhance Equipment

  • Upgrade NFTs Quality

  • Purchase items in Auction

How to obtain from game?

Earn from playing: Selling items in Auction, PVP, World BOSS, Champions League

Token Allocation

Token Release Schedule

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