Dust of Fate Storyline

In the fantasy world of Novaris, different kingdoms and diverse races exist in parallel. They live separately from each other, in their own kingdoms, thereby creating a rich and diverse cultural picture. The largest kingdoms in the world of Novaris include Asgardia, the country of gods and elves, where civilization grew from supernatural powers and magic. Thornhold, where the dwarves protect massive underground gold treasures, with underground cities and large roads interwoven. Zul'Gurub is the seat of the Orcs, where the fiercest creatures live. They lived in caves, serving the dark lord. Their ancestors were the Elves captured by the dark lord. They were tortured to the point of changing their appearance. Sylvan realm, where inhabited by animals that live and act like humans, including birds, reptiles, four-legged animals, etc. And the human race also has its own kingdom, they are collectively called "Hominid".

A meteorite of unknown origin from beyond the solar system broke through the protective membrane one day, crashing straight onto the world of Novaris at an unparalleled speed, just when everything appeared to be extremely calm and serene. This meteorite hit the southwest corner of the kingdom of Asgardia and natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc) to the entire of Novaris. There is a tumble and then a "gate" to another realm appears. And from this gate came the appearance of dark powers. The evil entities approaching the gate are referred to as "Tenebris"; they seek to conquer Novaris and turn it into their colony by seizing its resources and territory.

As soon as the Tenebris appeared, the inhabitants of the Novaris world were surprised, all weapons were ineffective against the Tenebris and this led to almost 1/5 of Novaris's population being killed. Large numbers of the population were captured, and taken out of Novaris and into the Tenebris as slaves. This war lasted until Novaris appeared in an organization called POW. They somehow appropriated the Tenebris's Power, transferred that Power into weapons, and were able to fight the Tenebris. POW members are divided into groups like UC, C, R, SR, SSR, and from here, they start fighting against Tenebris.

All living creatures will live in their own kingdom:

  • Asgardia: Gods and Elves

  • Thornhold: dwarves

  • Zul'Gurub: Orcs

  • Sylvanrealm: Animal

  • Hominid: Human

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