๐Ÿ’ฅNew Practise


Introducing Souni - Dust of Fate marks the inaugural venture of our groundbreaking Gamifi Ecosystem Solution, "Segregate Game & Fi," a departure from the conventional "Play to Earn" paradigm.

Key conflicts inherent in the previous "Play to Earn" trend within Gamifi projects include:

1. Over reliance on secondary market trading to establish asset pricing, neglecting internal game mechanisms, resulting in collapses during bearish market conditions due to liquidity shortages.

2. An ecosystem devoid of actual "consumers," dominated by "suppliers" solely seeking to "take" rather than "give," including large investors pursuing substantial returns. Unlike in Web2.0 games, where heavy players represent heavy consumers.

3. Inability to strike a balance between "Experience Seekers," craving enhanced gameplay experiences, and "Sole Earners," focused solely on profit. System designs must meticulously control various metrics as they directly impact revenue.

Dust of Fate addresses these issues by:

- Segregate Game and Fi: Segregate "Sole Earners" and "Experience Seekers," with Earners participating in the financial aspect, understanding associated risks and expecting direct income. Meanwhile, "Experience Seekers" obtain essential game assets from Fi, transferring them to the Game and competing against fellow "Experience Seekers."

- Providing Fair Opportunities: Participants in Fi face risks and chances directly and fairly, irrespective of market conditions. Even during bearish phases, Fi participants still have earning opportunities, as the system maintains a "Gold Pegged Income" from new participants.

- Enhancing Gameplay Experience: "Experience Seekers" engage in a game focused entirely on experience, competition, tactics, and gaming skills. Winners earn rewards, enhancing their gameplay without necessarily recovering asset costs.

This model, inspired by Japan's TCG games, has been refined and thriving. In the realm of Web3, we aim to elevate it further, ensuring transparency, global liquidity, and heightened market attention, augmented by the integration of tokens. We believe this approach represents the future of gaming and intellectual property incubation.

We envision Web3 gaming not merely as a currency replacement but as a distinct form of entertainment: more engaging, financially direct, and intellectually stimulating. It's not merely a shadow of Web2 games but a multifaceted evolution, encapsulating the essence of modern gaming.

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