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Core Team

SOUNI team is a professional team that brings together prominent and experienced members in the field of game development as well as blockchain technology.
We all have a strong passion for video games, especially games built on blockchain. All are willing to dedicate themselves to making a unique blockchain game that gives the best user experience and gives them extra rewards for playing. We have connected as a team through our shared love and worked together long enough to walk together in the journey ahead confidently.
Bom - Operator Director
Bom had over six years of experience in Marketing & Business Development in the Blockchain & Crypto industry; helped a few Coinmarketcap top 100 projects to build Marketing structures, strategy, channels, and community. She is now leading the marketing team with international cultures to target the primary audience |and deliver brand awareness worldwide.
Echos - CTO
Echos has over 10-year experience in software development before deep-diving into the blockchain industry 4 years ago. He's also led a team to develop several Gamefi/ DeFi projects empowered by BSC\ Heco\ Polygon\ Solana reaching a maximum of more than 20 million TVL.
Sandy - CMO
When Sandy entered the crypto market, she spent many years working as a Marketing Manager in various fields. Although she has only joined the Souni team for a very short time, Sandy is expected to use her knowledge and experience to help Souni become stronger, more stable, and come closer to the public in the near future.

Willis - Community Manager

Previously, Willis was an Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, and Consultant working in the renewable energy sector for public and private companies with nearly 10 years of experience. He has currently refocused his career path to pursue his passion as Web2 & Web3 gamer, beta tester, game guild owner (with ~20 scholars), retail investor in Gamefi projects, and content creator.
Lucas Le - Project Manager
Lucas is a young professional marketer. He graduated from a top-notch university with a few reputable achievements in Marketing & Business. He has years of experience in marketing & blockchain especially in the Metaverse and NFT segments in the global market. He is a true builder who aims to bring the Metaverse & Gamefi projects to the next level in Web 3.0 era.
Dylan Le - Design Director
He has been diving into the industry for five years as a Graphic Designer and two years at the Art Director position and participated in building up images for several brands from different fields. The defined art style for many apps & websites, especially on the blockchain platform. He joined Souni with the goal of steering the project in the proper path and ensuring user satisfaction.
Ben Nguyen - Technology Director
He is a passionate technologist with over 12 years of experience in technology leadership, architecture, and engineering. He has been building business-critical systems for finance, e-Learning, and eCommerce space. Ben held leadership roles managing regional teams in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam and possessed a robust set of interests spanning Blockchain, Agile Project Management, Web and Mobile Development. Ben is constantly learning and bringing innovative solutions to his projects and products.
GAME101 - Game Dev Team
The engineering team within Souni consists of highly skilled massively multiplayer online game developers, working together both on-site and remotely all over the world. They are extremely talented blockchain experts and programmers with more than 10 years of experience. With millions of satisfied players enjoying their previous games, the team is now bringing their expertise to the blockchain space.