To increase combat power and improve the victory rate of a match, you should equip each character with items that significantly increase the character's stats. In brief, each character will have 6 boxes to add the necessary equipment, including weapons, helmet, armor, boots, ring, and necklace. Each character has 6 types of equipment in total that correspond to ATK, HP, Magic DEF, Physical DEF,
Among these items, only the luckiest and hardest workers can own two extremely rare types of equipment. Can you guess what these are?
As for the equipment system, what are the fundamentals that players should keep in mind? Well, here they are, the five basic things Sounivers need to know are:
🎮 You can obtain equipment or equipment fragments through missions or defeating monsters
🎮 The Equipment is composited by fragments. 🎮 You can also enhance them with $SON and enhancement stones to increase their stats significantly. Heroes with more high-level equipment will control a significant advantage in battle. 🎮 There are 6 levels for each equipment: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact. You can upgrade the quality of the equipment by using $SON, Holy Ahs, and enough able other items of the same quality 🎮 All Equipment is tradable on Marketplace or Auction.
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