Cloth Coat
The canvas clothes that are common in the town’s tailor shop, the important parts of the body are reinforced with armor plates, and they have a certain defensive ability.
Leather Armor
This leather armor is made of two complete animal skins on the front and back. It is lightweight and waterproof. The defense is also good. It can be dyed in various colors according to the buyer’s preference.
Golden Armor
The full-body armor worn by the nobles of the Mitland Empire during their expeditions, exquisite craftsmanship, and ornate decorations, in the eyes of everyone, this is no longer a pair of armor, but a handicraft representing the extraordinary skills of the imperial craftsmen.
Shadow Armor
The thick, pitch-black armor is as strong as a rock. It can not only resist swords, but also make the wearer stronger.
Warrior Armor
This armor is a mystery as well as the crown. In addition to its origin, the craftsmen of the empire are more curious about their materials. This does not seem to be something humans have.
Holy Armor
The sacred holy armor made of meteorite by the gods, the soul of the gods makes the armor indestructible, without any weight on the body.
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