Cloth Hat
The origin of this soft canvas hat is a bit unknown, and the damaged place reveals a faint green...
Leather Helm
The thin leather helmet is covered with iron armor, which is both protective and flexible, which allows the wearer's head to rotate more freely
Golden Helm
The helmet worn by the nobles of the Mitland Empire on their expeditions. On the top of the helmet, there is a white eagle symbolizing the authority of the empire.
Shadow Helm
The dark knight’s battle helmet looks like a hideous skull from a distance, often allowing opponents to flee before the battle begins.
Warrior Helm
Regarding the origin of this ancient crown, the Academy and the Holy See have been arguing. Scholars say it is a battle helmet used by the founding emperor, while the Holy See insists that it is the relic of Saint Lambert.
Holy Crown
The sacred crown of power made of meteorite by the gods, the brilliance of the gods can resist all dark attacks
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