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In the SOUNI world, there are hundreds of heroes with different skills, attributes, and rarities living together. Players will lead their characters to fight and regain the lands occupied by monsters, keep peace for the kingdom, and win glory in battles with other players via smart Match formation to increase the win rate in the fight.
To take the initiative and gain the upper hand in every fight. Let's refer to the essential details of a character below.


Each character belongs to one of the following 5 elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark. These elements have power relations and can be strategically used to change the flow of battle. Hence, the more you understand the character, the more you have an ultimate strategy of squad combination, the more chance you have to dominate the battle.
There is a restraint relationship between these elements (damage increases by 20%). Players can use it strategically to change the flow of battles.
🔥FIRE element deals 20% additional damage against 🌪Wind element
🌪Wind element deals 20% additional damage against 🌊Water element
🌊Water element deals 20% additional damage against 🔥Fire element
🌕Light element deals 20% additional damage against 🌑Dark element
🌑Dark element deals 20% additional damage against 🌕Light element

Battle Power

Here will briefly describe the strengths, weaknesses, or suggested positions of the character in the squad.
Combat strength will show up in Strength, Defense, and Support Levels.


Skills make a difference for each character. It is one of the vital factors determining the success or failure of battles. Each character will have a different set of skills. And here are some of their characteristics:
  • Each character has 4 skills, divided into 3 categories: RAGE, ACTIVE and PASSIVE
  • Characters will initially have 2 skills: Rage and Active. The 3rd and 4th skills that can be either Passive or both Active and Passive will be unlocked when characters meet the requirements of the star number, level, fragments, and additional materials.
  • At the unlocking of the 4th skill, the character's appearance will change.
  • In addition, you can see the formation frame displayed, which will describe the dimension and extent to which the skill affects the enemy squad


The system will suggest the best team for you. The right combination of characters can give your figure a significant boost.
Collecting all the characters in the game will help you take the initiative in every battle.

Character stats

More than 125 characters in the SOUNI game possess unique skills and attributes. Each character has 14 basic stats:
  • HP: The value of damage that can be withstood
  • ATK: Increase the amount of damage and healing caused
  • Physical DEF: reduce physical damage
  • Magic DEF: reduce the magic damage received
  • HIT: Increase the chance of dodging the enemy's attack
  • Crit: Increase the change of a critical strike against the enemy, the damage will increase with the blast damage
  • Crit Resist: reduce the chance of being critically hit
  • Crit Hurt: Increase the damage received after being critically hit
  • Crit Reduction: reduce the damage received after being critically hit
  • Ignore DEF: Ignore the chance of the enemy's defense. Withstand the 50% chance of damage
  • DMG Up: increase all damage caused by oneself
  • DMG Down: reduce all the injured by oneself

Character classes

Character classes represent the role and play style of a character in the battlefield. There are 5 classes of characters for choice.
Hero Classes Review:
🛡 Paladin
⚔️ Warrior
⚡️ Mage
🏹 Shooter
❤️ Priest
Strength: High HP, high defense, and diverse control effects Weakness: Weak damage
Strength: Balanced ATK-DEF, comrade support, good effects Weakness: Fear of fighting with magicians
Strength: Great magic damage and large area damage Weakness: Weak HP and defense
Strength: Great physical damage, armor breaking ability, high critical rat Weakness: Low HP , poor defense
Strength: High comrade support, high resilience
Weakness: Weak HP, defense and damage