Dagger A training dagger tailor-made for recruits. The blade is so thin that it is effortless to wield it. It is also often used to cut apples...
Mercenary Sword
The long sword made of steel has a tougher body and is not easy to break. It is widely favored by mercenaries because it can save a lot of repair costs.
Golden Sword
The gorgeous steel sword decorated with gold is especially popular among high-ranking soldiers because of its exquisite workmanship. The nobles also like to carry it with them as a symbol of their status.
Shadow Sword
The one-handed long sword exuding darkness, it is said to be the saber of the dark knight. The blade is extremely sharp and chilling.
Warrior Sword
A saber left by an unknown brave on the mainland. Rumor has it that this sword is spiritual and will choose its owner.
Holy Sword
The long sword used by the gods is made of ice crystals that have not melted for thousands of years in the river of truth.
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